Platinum Pay Web Based Payroll

Platinum Pay Payroll gives you the Power and Flexibility, Reporting Options, and 'Human' Factor you need to efficiently process your payroll. In addition to payroll processing, Platinum Pay will provide you many basic HRIS functions in a Safe and Secure Environment.

Power and Flexibility

Power and flexibility is what Platinum Pay Payroll is all about. Fast data entry is available from simple grid import methods and detailed drill down screens. Your data can also be easily imported from our web based time and attendance systems.

Platinum Pay also caters to the most demanding user with robust security features, multi-user access, labor allocations, and instant access to reports.

With on screen gross to net calculations and real time processing, you can see the final data instantly. Take a tour of Platinum Pay Now!

Reporting Options

Platinum Pay Payroll offers access to over 100 standard reports. Every report in the system is available prior to submitting your data. This means you are no longer limited by just one or two pre process reports.

The built in report writer, powered by Crystal Reports technology, provides you custom report and export capabilities limited only by your imagination.

The “Human” Factor

With most payroll companies, once your data is submitted, it is automatically processed. With Platinum Pay, you still have a payroll specialist that reviews all of your payrolls through a series of audit reports looking for anything that may have been overlooked.

Safe and Secure

Platinum Pay Payroll employs the latest in Internet security technology, ensuring a safe online experience. Because there is nothing to install on your PC, you are free from worrying about back ups or unauthorized use of your PC. You are always ensured you have the most up to date version available without the hassle of software upgrades and fees.

Platinum Pay HRIS

Platinum Pay Payroll has built in HRIS functionality that is perfect for small to medium sized businesses. Typically businesses of this size are forced to do without any HRIS due to prohibitive costs and complexities, but with Platinum Pay Payroll you can track detailed employee information including:

  • Leave Time Accruals
  • Important Reminders
  • Certifications \ Licenses
  • Family Members
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Past Employers
  • Education
  • Anniversary Dates
  • Reviews
  • Training
  • Attendance